Information from third-party systems

Below is a list of all data sources (as of March 2019, Release 1.1.19) that are currently available. Further Instructions on persons, publication lists as well as project lists can be found on our website.

Detailed information about a person

The module "Detailed information about a person" presents the information coming from the person search( in a compact module.

Easy Weber
Associate & Visiting (Researcher)
Associate & Visiting (Researcher)
Easy Weber

FREETEXT EN LINE 1 LINE 2 with many spaces


Associate & Visiting (Researcher)

Web Applications & Middleware Services
Spitalstrasse 41
4056 Basel

Tel. +41 61 987 65 43

List of persons

The List of persons data source creates a list with data of persons, which can be set in the filters of the plugin. Here, the organizational unit Web Applications & Middleware Services (IT0110) was used as an example.The filter fields for OU, Function and Person support the search with suggestions from the database.

Layout: List

Layout: Cards

Publication list

The Publication list plugin creates a list of publications based on the filters set. You can search for OUs or persons. Publications are searched for in edoc and ForschDB. Additionally the style for the citation is selectable.

Load content

The Load content plugin can be used to load HTML code from an external or internal URL. The styling (CSS and JavaScript) is completely removed and the easyWeb standard is applied. The use of this plugin makes the most sense if you have control over the source of the HTML code and can influence the output of it. As an example the URL was chosen, which after being read by easyWeb only contains the paragraph "Hello world! This is HTML5 Boilerplate".

Hello world! This is HTML5 Boilerplate.

Project List

The "Project List" module can be used to display projects from ForschDB and edoc in easyWeb standard. It offers various filter and display options.