Release Notes

Release 5.2.2

This release includes new features such as an internal comment function, an improved link checking module, the option of assigning authorizations for statistics to editors and other minor improvements and corrections.

Release 5.2.1

In addition to various minor improvements, this release automatically takes the glossary of the University of Basel into account when translating via DeepL. In addition, users can now optionally be automatically redirected to theā€¦

Release 5.2.0 - statistics and new search

This release includes a completely new search function and page statistics for each easyWeb, as well as several bug fixes and software updates

Release 5.1.4

This release enables new partnership websites through a neutral layout, and updates various applications and libraries.

Release 5.1.3

With this release, UNIverse has been integrated into easyWeb

Release 5.1.2

In this release there are several bugfixes and an adjustment to the privacy template.

Release 5.1.1

In this release, a problem with page-wide background images has been fixed

Release 5.1.0

In this release, in addition to various improvements and bug fixes, there is a new privacy template and easy-to-translate forms.

Release 5.0.1

This bugfix release fixes display errors as well as the cosmetic 503 error when logging into the backend.

Release 5.0.0

With this release TYPO3 is updated to v11.