Release 5.2.0 - statistics and new search

This release includes a completely new search function and page statistics for each easyWeb, as well as several bug fixes and software updates

New features:

  • Statistics: New statistics dashboard integrated in typo3
    • Works without Matomo, this can be operated as usual at the same time if required
    • The data collection for the new visitor statistics started on 19.02.24 from the evening, i.e. older data is not available
  • Search function: Completely new search function with faceted results

Lists of people:

  • Link behavior to profile pages has been standardized 
  • The organizational unit can now be hidden for the "Person cards" view 


  • New option to define the maximum number of publications per year (if grouped) 
  • Fixed bug with the selection of publication types 


  • If no values were entered for the location coordinates, an error is no longer displayed on the website 
  • Small brand panel correction for descriptor 2 
  • Update to typo3 11.5.35
  • Background images can now be deactivated or changed on subpages (instruction)
  • Incorrect header size with deactivated RSS icon corrected 
  • Languages that have been deactivated in the frontend can no longer be called up as a direct link